Hammer of Thunderbolts

Hammer +3, x2 damage

weapon (melee)

Cannot be wielded properly unless wielder has 18/01 Strength or better and a height of over 6ft.
The hammer then functions as +3 and deals double damage on any hit.
If the wielder wears any Girdle of Giant Strength and Gauntlets of Ogre Power in addition, and knows the hammer’s true name, the weapon reaches it’s full potential, becomming +5, dealing double damage on any hit, gaining all Girdle and Gauntlet bonuses, and strikes dead any giant it hits.
When hurled and successfully hitting, a great thunderclap resounds, stunning all creatures within 30ft for 1 round. Throwing range =10ft +5ft/point of damage bonus from strength. It can be thrown once every 2 rounds, and after 5 throws in any 20 round period (2 turns), the thrower must rest for 10 rounds (1 turn).

Owner: Sven


Hammer of Thunderbolts

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