Deck of Many Things


Cards drawn

Red – Beneficial
Black – Harmful


Splinter (3)

  • For Bolt to become an Alicorn
  • For the ability to eventually cast spells of higher than 4th level
  • For Neveron’s inability to utilize magic items to be removed

Neveron (3)

  • Written message to family
  • Permanently double specialized in 2-handed swords
  • Lift weapon speed limitations for party

Nexius (1)

  • For Intelligence to apply for MU bonus spells for all MU in party

Sting (2)

  • For breath weapons depending on mood/color
  • For another HD

Sven (2)

  • Wisdom +1
  • Remove time restrictions from Onyx Dog Figurine

Maria (1)

  • Written message to father

Archie (3)

  • World Map
  • To be double specialized in the scimitar
  • For double specialization to exist for the bow for the party

Mezron (1)

  • To retain thief functions lost by becoming an acrobat

Dredro (2)

  • To remove racial level limitation for the party
  • To be double specialized in the morningstar

Deck of Many Things

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